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Snow Crash

Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson The ideas in this book were interesting, the setting (both time and "franchise") intriguing, the characters were unique, and the plot was rolling along for the most part. But I didn't finish this book. The second time Hiro starts talking to the Librarian, I got bored. Probably partly because I studied Inanna in college, so the information wasn't new to me, and partly because I already know that most religion (like literature) is recycled from what came before. So it was like reading my notes from college without much respite. When Y.T. came in to report, I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that finally the chapters of exposition might be at an end. Instead, Y.T. leaves after a brief conversation, and the infodumping begins again. I felt like the book was on the verge of exploring some more interesting ideas, though, so if you can make it through all Librarian scenes, you'll probably enjoy this book more than I did. I really enjoyed Stephenson's Anathem, and look forward to reading some of his other works.