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Write. Publish. Repeat. (The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success)

Write. Publish. Repeat. (The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success) - Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant This book rambles. A lot. While referencing your own works as illustrative examples is expected and necessary for understanding in a lot of cases, these guys also just spend a large portion of the books talking about themselves. This was my problem with their podcast as well... Too much of it felt like inside jokes. But despite the chaff, there's a great deal of wheat here.

One thing this book excels at is reassuring you that you really CAN do this. I think if I'm ever feeling doubtful, I'll have to go back and reread some parts of this book.

I bought this as part of the Indie Author Power Pack, and I'd rank it as the second most important book of the three. [b:Let's Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should|12085614|Let's Get Digital How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should (Let's Get Digital, #1)|David Gaughran|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311786288s/12085614.jpg|17053693] is by far the more straightforward, to the point, and helpful of the three. Here's my review of Let's Get Digital.

Let's face it, though. Most everything in this book and in the Indie Author Power Pack you could pick up for free by reading not only the authors' blogs, but others as well, such as The Passive Voice, Catherine Caffeinated, Kristen Kathryn Rush's blog, Joe Konrath's blog, Lindsay Buroker's blog, Smashwords blog posts, storyfix.com, Terribleminds, the Book Designer, the Savvy Book Marketer, Wise Ink, WoW! Women on Writing, Writer Beware, Dean Wesley Smith's blog, Nick Stephenson's free stuff, etc. I've got all these in my RSS feed. But like many things, reading blogs here and there does tend toward spotty knowledge. The nice thing about the Indie Author Power Pack is that it filled in any gaps I had in my knowledge.