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Partials - Dan Wells A fantastic post-apocalyptic world with characters that truly felt like real people. The people that were adults during the apocalypse had an entirely different worldview than the children who survived. No family was left untouched. Every parent lost a child, and no child's biological parent survived, that's how few survivors there were.

I loved that this felt YA without having annoying romance. Yes, Kira has a boyfriend and has to contemplate being forced to get pregnant due to the Hope Act. But he's his own individual, and doesn't just follow her around like a puppy, thankfully.

I absolutely love stories of unrealized allies, and this one has plenty to go around. And the mirroring of Samm's capture and helplessness under her (supposed) control with her later capture by his people was awesome.

I tore through this book. Loved it and highly recommend to other fans of post-apocalyptic fiction.