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Maggie for Hire

Maggie for Hire - Kate Danley Here's what made me want to read this book. From the author:

"Although Maggie has a male sidekick, her value is her own and whether they end up together or not has nothing to do with her journey. When I wrote Maggie, I was rebelliously pushing back on a theme I was seeing in the urban fantasy genre: that in order for a woman to be successful, she had to end up entangled romantically. The urban fantasy women (at the time) were always being saved by some guy. They were incompetent and stumbling upon victory. They were smooching vampires and dating werewolves. They were unable to overcome evil unless there was some big strong someone there to fight the monsters for them in the final battle. What I decided to do with Maggie was to have a heroine who was really good at her job, who really liked what she did, and who didn't need to be saved by anyone." - Kate Danley

But I'd forgotten all about that quote while reading it, and "Will they or won't they?" was strong with this one. They won't. Which was refreshing in its own way, but from the author's comments, you wouldn't expect a romantic angle at ALL, right? I found it a little tiresome.

It's true that Maggie is kickass and very good at her job. In some cases, I almost felt like she was TOO good. Fight scenes had little tension, because she could literally throw a stake and it would pierce and kill the vampire.

If she's this good in Book One, it doesn't seem like she'll have much of a character arc, and I like to watch characters grow.

I suppose most of my complaints are really more of a critique of the urban fantasy genre in general. I've tried this, the Iron Druid series, and Dresden, and I'm starting to get a handle on it now. They're episodic, exciting, and fun, but in no way deep.

What I absolutely loved about this book was the blend of real world technology and magic. More than the other urban fantasy series I've mentioned, this book walks the line between scifi and fantasy. And I love that.