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The Emperor's Soul

The Emperor's Soul - Brandon Sanderson This shorter work by Brandon Sanderson feels more complete by itself than say, [b:The Alloy of Law|10803121|The Alloy of Law (Mistborn, #4)|Brandon Sanderson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1317794101s/10803121.jpg|15035863] did. There were a lot of cool ideas in this novella, but the magic system seemed less "reasonable" than many of Sanderson's other magic. It didn't seem quite as believable somehow. Still, I really liked the main character, the grandfatherly character she interacted with, and the slow discovery of the king's character. It's pretty rare that you can come to know a character before you've "met" him. Plus the different personas the main character had created for herself were very interesting.

However, this book still doesn't give quite the depth of a full-length novel, and therefore I rate it as 4 stars. I doubt I'll remember much of it later. Most of Sanderson's novels gave me a lot to turn over in my mind long after I'd finished reading them, but with Emperor's Soul, when it ended I was content to let it go. Overall, a great read that you can finish quickly, but lacks the resonance of his masterpieces.