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The Killing Moon

The Killing Moon - N.K. Jemisin It's official. I'm an N.K. Jemisin fan. While I didn't tear through this book quite as fast as I did the Inheritance Trilogy books, this is still a great read. I will recommend reading the Inheritance Trilogy first, just so that you learn to trust the author. This book starts off with an extremely steep leaning curve, throwing tons of terms at you that you may not even pick up on until at halfway through the novel, if not more. (Unless you realize there's a glossary!)

So yeah, awesome world. The religion is really neat. The characters don't have quite the charisma as some of those in the Inheritance Trilogy, but you grow to care about them anyway. Overall, a very satisfying, self-contained read. I think there's another book, but the ending of this one is wrapped up nicely.