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Accelerando (Singularity)

Accelerando (Singularity) - Charles Stross Full of interesting ideas, but no satisfying conclusion. Although to be fair, I'm not sure how he could have satisfactorily ended it after the mind-expansion of the first half of the book. Unlike in something like Dune or Ender's Game, where the interjections provide context and depth of meaning, the boldfaced exposition in Accelerando seemed tedious and simply repeated what the previous chapter had already stated. The idea of augmenting our minds with add-ons (as the cell phone and computers are already starting to do) was carried into the far future, but many of the other technologies of the future were not expanded upon in depth. I found myself loving many of the ideas, but not enjoying the story much. Surely there could have been something more compelling to work with than legal battles? I would love to see some of the ideas in this novel unpacked into greater depth in a parallel-running series.

Edit 8/29/13: I'm boosting this to 4 stars because despite still agreeing with everything above, this book has really stayed with me.