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Incarnate - Jodi Meadows A unique story idea, world, and magic system (at least as much as we saw in the first book... not entirely sure what's causing reincarnation). The very beginning was a bit rocky for me, but then the story really took off.

Unfortunately, though, the romantic subplot really started dominating the story midway through and became unrelenting toward the end. As I've stated in other reviews, though, I think that's more my problem than anything to do with the book... The YA genre seems to live and breathe strong romantic subplots, so I should probably just avoid the genre... except then I'd miss out on cool worlds like this one.

The ending was somewhat rushed, but the revelation was surprising and intriguing.

If you enjoy unique, mysterious worlds, try this book. But be warned, the mystery surrounding reincarnation and why newsouls suddenly exist isn't fully revealed in this first book.