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The Eternity Artifact

The Eternity Artifact - L.E. Modesitt Jr. First, full disclosure--I didn't finish reading this book and I generally don't enjoy first-person stories as well. The actual story in this book didn't start til after page 100, and by then, I was already exhausted by the shifting first-person viewpoint. That's right, you get a new first-person viewpoint character each chapter. I think there are five viewpoint characters total. Maybe if this had been written with five shifting third-person viewpoint characters, I could have handled it. The first 100 pages consisted of watching the five characters being collected by the military to go on a mission (which we already know a little about from the back cover, so the characters' lack of knowledge is also tedious). You know there's an interesting planet-object floating outside the galaxy without sun or satellite around it. By page 100 you find out what else is distinctive about it. Yet still nothing much is happening. I probably stopped reading right when things would have got interesting, but my patience was through.