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Wizard's First Rule

Wizard's First Rule  - Terry Goodkind So... a few years back I accidentally read one of the later books in this series. I didn't know it wasn't Book One when I started reading it, you see. Then I picked up this book earlier this year, not realizing it was the first book in that same series. This book ROCKS. Not one of your typical fantasies about a everyday man becoming a hero based on some legendary prophesies--no, this book is so very much more. The characters are believable and all around awesome to watch in this vivid world. Oh, and if you've seen the TV show... don't judge this book based on the show. Naturally, the book is infinitely better. After having read the second book in this series, I would also recommend that you leave this one as a stand-alone on your shelves. The second book is thick, but nothing happens in it, other than the characters whining a lot. But this book is amazing by itself.