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Breakdown - Katherine Amt Hanna This is a great realistic post-apocalyptic novel. It takes place 10 years after the apocalypse (the prologue is during the apocalypse).

It's almost like a frame story, with Chris (the main character) finding his brother Jon, then going back in the past a few months, then returning to the present. It's a very emotional story, with a strong theme of psychological recovery from extreme emotional trama and loss.

Strangely, at about the 75% mark, it seemed like everything was resolved. All the tension was gone, and I would have been fine if it wrapped up there. Instead, it continued on with the happy times for quite a few chapters, making me think the entire final quarter would be denouement.

Then suddenly there was a new conflict. It was a little jarring. I attribute this to the fact that it's the author's first novel. Despite this, it was still very emotionally gripping and had a very satisfactory ending.