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Blood Honor

Blood Honor - Russell Blake Always nice to read a non-zombie apocalypse. I liked that we knew early in the story what caused the apocalypse and how the main character survived. He's your typical macho post-apocalypse survivor with the skills to stay one step ahead of the grim reaper, even when he does dumb shit like walk into an enemy stronghold and blow everything to hell as payback for them killing his grandfather.

The storyline and pace are great. It's a page turner. But this book definitely plays into right-leaning paranoia... I think the term "nanny state" is even used once. Lots of gun porn anytime they kill attackers and loot their bodies, which is often. Women tend to have a special status of either wife, matron, or potential love interest, not fighters.

Overall it's your typical disaster survival story, with little hope of a back to normal state. I wouldn't even really call it science fiction other than the details around what type of pandemic it is. It feels pretty hopeless and pointless except for a glimmer of hope around the girl.